About Vadaly

Vadaly is a registered not-for-profit small press functioning from Tamilnadu, India and Ontario, Canada. It is a publishing collective founded in 2009 by people of Eelam origin to bring narratives of the most misrepresented or less represented voices of ‘Sri Lanka.’

Vadaly is founded to produce books, audiobooks/ebooks, documentaries and short films that are created by participants from and outside of ‘Sri Lanka.’ So far, Vadaly has published and continue to publish works by Tamil writers from “Sri Lanka” who has witnessed the civil war until its bitter end in 2009.  They are testimonies regarding war crimes committed by all parties of the war and the human cost.  Through its selection of books with contents such as alternative political discussions, less represented war testimonies and voices from the diaspora, by activists, witnesses, and writers Vadaly is determined to carry out the voice of the under-represented.  

Vadaly chooses not to follow a traditional organizational structure of hierarchy. Rather, it chooses to work as a collective, collaborating with social workers, volunteers, and grassroot organizations to bring critical creative works.


Our Vision is to:

  • Fulfill the publishing needs of the large communities of Tamil Diaspora around the globe;
  • Represent the Tamil voices that are not represented by the majority of publishers
  • Reach out to the writers who are facing economical barriers in publishing their work
  • Create audiobooks/soundbooks, documentaries and short films


Our Mission is to:

  • Remove  the economical barriers of talented writers in publishing their work
  • Introduce new writers to the literary circle
  • Publish at least 5 books every year that represent our vision, including translations
  • Represent and promote the least represented voices
  • Advocate for peace and justice for all and help to create social balance
  • Work with organizations from ”Sri Lanka” and the Diaspora that work for social change by collaborating and publishing works with them
  • Publish books from other languages that are relevant to Sri Lankan political discourses
  • Honour living personalities (activists, artists) who have contributed to our communities, political and literary arts


What can you do to support?

  • Join us on social network (Twitter, Facebook, youtube, Instagram)
  • Subscribe to our site and receive emails notifications of upcoming book launches, events, etc.
  • Get to know about our publications through our annual catalogues
  • The support of readers and writers is significant for the growth of a small press like Vadaly.  Not just by funding, but rather you are automatically supporting the arrival of many other books by choosing to bring out a book through Vadaly publishers and by buying Vadaly books.
  • “Sponsor a book” – is a plan where a funder who loves books could choose to bring a book through Vadaly by supporting its cost
  • Recommend/introduce/gift Vadaly’s works to your friends!



Agiilan Thadchchanamoorthty