Malaimakal Kathaikal (Stories by Malaimakal)

மலைமகள் கதைகள் | Malaimakal Kathaikal (Malaimakal’s Stories)

by Malaimakal

Short Stories

$7 (CND)

மலைமகள் கதைகள்

by Malaimakal

Short Stories/Tamil

$7 (CND)

Through these fifteen short stories of Malaimakal (nom de guerre), we get a rare glimpse into the lives of women cadres on and off battlefronts. These are stories of battlefields where there is no turning back. These stories, talk of women who put their lives on the line, who used their bodies in the battlefield as a tool to the liberation they believed in. These are stories of female cadres who challenged the conventional construction of gender roles by carrying heavy weapons and confronting battles, not different to their male counterparts, in building sentry points and bunkers with their conventional ‘flowerlike’ fragile hands.  As for many of the ltte cadres, Malaimakal went missing after surrendering in the final war.


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